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Atlanta Concrete Pool Deck Repairs

It can be worrisome to have uneven concrete around your concrete pool or poolside patio. If that concrete is uneven it can be quite easy to trip and fall. Furthermore, it’s just not that pretty to look at anymore. What’s the point of having an impressive looking pool in your backyard if the concrete around it is uneven, completely ruining the view? In addition to that, poorly maintained concrete around the pool will give the impression that the pool itself is poorly maintained.

Unlevel concrete around your pool is a hazard. It is common for the soil around your pool and under your pool deck to settle over the years. The unavoidable expanding and contracting of the pool itself will also contribute to turning the concrete around your pool into an unlevel, hazardous mess.

Why Choose our concrete repair contractors?

If your concrete pool deck is uneven you’ve likely gotten some quotes and found it too expensive. That’s natural and not at all unusual, unless of course you give us a call. Most companies will provide a quote to completely redo the concrete around your pool. They want to tear up the old and reinstall new concrete. Obviously this is time consuming and expensive. Concrete Repair Atlanta, though, we’re not going to rebuild your entire concrete pool deck, we’re simply going to slabjack the concrete and raise it to the appropriate level.

Our services mean you save time, energy, and money because our slab jacking service is quick and efficient and takes substantially less time than pulling up and pouring brand new concrete.

Our slabjacking pool decks or pool floors is very similar to the slabjacking and concrete leveling we do elsewhere around the home. We’ll drill a few small holes into the surface of a slab of concrete and then we’ll pump a polyurethane foam underneath the concrete pool deck or floor. This will help lift sunken concrete to its original level. When we’re done, our concrete repair crew will patch the holes with a polyurethane expanding foam.

This slabjacking process is quick, and clean and environmentally safe/friendly. Instead of paying extra to get the whole deck refinished just call Concrete Repair Atlanta and we can utilize our quick and efficient slabjacking services to easily repair your concrete pool deck back to its original level.

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