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"We Lift and Level Sunken Concrete and Structures"

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Concrete Repair Atlanta

For years now people have been trying to repair broken or unlevel concrete by ripping it up and replacing it with new concrete. At Concrete Repair Atlanta we know that there is a more efficient and effective, not to mention affordable, way of repairing the concrete around you home.

We can repair concrete in basements, garage floors, around pools, in your driveway and even help lift sinking stairs outside your home or business.

This is extremely important because it not only affects the way your home or business looks, but it is also a potential liability. Uneven or unlevel concrete can easily snag on peoples feet or shoes, tripping them up and possibly even causing them to fall. Whether it’s your kids, or your significant other or your potential customers or clients you don’t want people hurting themselves in and around your home or business.

Our slab jacking services are simple and easy and affordable. Instead of spending days or weeks tearing up old concrete and replacing it we can, in a matter of hours, pump your concrete back up to an even level, where it will stay.

Most jobs are completed in a few hours.

Free yourself from worrying about trip and fall liability issues and call Us – Atlanta’s number one concrete leveling service. Avoid potential lawsuits and keep your customers or family safe and happy.