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Atlanta Concrete Raising Services

Concrete Repair Atlanta specializes in increasing the curb appeal of your home. Our services raise uneven concrete in an efficient and affordable manner. Instead of tearing up unlevel concrete you can call the specialists at Concrete Repair Atlanta and have your concrete slab simply slabjacked to have them leveled.

Why Does My Concrete Sink?

Concrete slabs are heavy and require a lot of soil underneath to keep them level. Whenever it rains some of that soil is washed away. When the weather changes the ground, and soil beneath it, have a tendency to expand and contract. It’s not a lot of movement and the rain doesn’t wash that much soil away, but over time as the soil settles it tends to move. When it moves out from under concrete slabs, the slabs will slowly start to sink. When one corner sinks the other tilts up, resulting in uneven and unlevel concrete, ripe for stubbing toestripping people, and damaging car tires.

Concrete Leveling Services

So how do you fix the concrete? Obviously one option is to tear the slab up and pack some more soil and pour a new layer. The problem with this is that it is expensive and time-consuming and just generally a pain to deal with. The other option, the option provided by Concrete Repair Atlanta, is to use concrete raising or slabjacking services.

Both slabjacking and concrete raising refer to the same service. Different people call it different names, but it’s the exact same service, except, Concrete Repair Atlanta puts more Portland cement in their slurry, making it more reliable. Here’s how it works:

  • Drill small holes into uneven and unlevel section of concrete.
  • Pump a polyurethane expanding foam into those holes. The foam is going to fill the empty space underneath the concrete left by shifting and settling soil.
  • As the empty space is filled the concrete starts raising.
  • Once the concrete slab is level, we’ll patch the holes.
  • Let the slurry/concrete mixture dry. Typically this only takes a few hours.

In all, this process can easily be completed in a day. Compare that to replacing concrete and slabjacking is a no-brainer.

Our slabjacking services can be used on all types of concrete including concrete walkways or sidewalks, concrete porches, patios and decks, concrete steps and stoops outside your home or business, concrete pool decks, and concrete driveways, and garage floors.

For a free estimate for our concrete leveling services contact Concrete Repair Atlanta today.