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Let Concrete Repair Atlanta Handle Your Commercial Concrete Projects

Concrete Repair Atlanta has been trusted for years to handle the commercial concrete projects of many businesses in the Atlanta area. If you have a project that you have wanted to get done but been unable to do so because of economy constraints, now you too can get your much-needed concrete repair jobs done by an expert in the industry. After a certain amount of time, concrete can sink, become uneven, or become cracked. There are multiple reasons that this can occur such as:
  •  Lack of soil compaction while back-filling during construction
  •  Drainage and erosion – Improper placement of downspouts and the path of water flow across the property can cause erosion and settling of the soil. This creates voids under the slab that then causes slabs, stoops and steps to sink.
  •  Decaying debris – trash pits – sink holes – Biodegradable materials such as lumber, tree trunks and limbs either intentionally or accidentally get buried in the ground. This material then decays over time causing voids under the slabs.
  •  Loss of Support – Heavy flooding can eventually cause settling or even washout of the ground underneath concrete slabs which can cause cracking and structural failure.
Concrete Repair Atlanta uses a method of slabjacking for commercial concrete repairs like these instead of the conventional replacement method that is much more expensive. Slabjacking involves the insertion of polyurethane foam beneath the concrete to raise it to its original level.

Why You Should Use Us

Concrete Repair Atlanta can provide commercial or industrial repair services such as:
  •  Floors (office buildings, factories, and warehouses)
  •  Equipment Pads
  •  Delivery Ramps and Docks
  •  Tarmacs
  •  Airport Runways
  •  Hotel / Motel Pool Slabs
  •  Parking Lots
  •  Driveways, and Walkways
You owe it to yourself to contact us today for your free slabjacking estimate. Learn how you can get your commercial concrete project done right the first time and within budget.