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"We Lift and Level Sunken Concrete and Structures"

Concrete Driveway Repairs in Atlanta

Sinking Concrete Driveway

A broken, uneven driveway is more than just an eyesore. Your car and your home are significant investments in your life and you don’t want either one of them to be in disrepair. With uneven or unlevel concrete in your driveway or garage both your home and your car are suffering from damage. Uneven concrete can harm your tires and leaks in your home so it’s wise to fix unlevel concrete driveways or garage floors.

What Causes Unlevel Concrete Driveways?

Over time the soil underneath your concrete garage floor or driveway will settle and start to shift. As the soil shifts out from underneath your concrete driveway or garage floor the concrete will start sinking and becoming unlevel.

When this occurs the natural reaction is to replace the entire concrete slab. This becomes problematic though because it is so expensive to replace entire slabs of concrete, especially in your home.

Fortunately, Concrete Repair Atlanta has a much more affordable solution. Slabjacking or concrete raising is a method we use to raising settled concrete slabs that is efficient, affordable and actually much faster than replacing everything.

Leveled Concrete Driveway

The Slabjacking Process

Just like slabjacking masonry steps or a pool deckconcrete raising consists of a simple process to lift concrete. At our company, we’ll drill some holes through your sinking concrete driveway slabs. Through those holes we will pump a polyurethane expanding foam underneath the concrete slabs. This will slowly raise the sinking concrete to its appropriate level. Once the leveling is completed we will patch the holes and after a few hours or a day (depending on the size of the repair) you will be able to park your car or walk on the concrete driveway or garage floor.

Even a large project would only take a few hours to complete which is much faster than ripping up broken/sunken concrete and replacing it.

Call Concrete Repair Atlanta to find out how fast and affordable our concrete driveway repair service is.